Beyond Horizon Project

Gain marketing experience through practical projects!

The Beyond Horizon Project helps graduates gain professional practical marketing experience, guided by our marketing experts.
This project prepares graduates to be job-ready. Graduates will undergo a  marketers' challenge to promote products or services for our clients. Upon completion, freelance marketer opportunities are available with AlphaIMM Agency for outstanding performers.
With our job-prepared graduates, we aim to minimize the Human Resource department’s pain in the wrong hiring by helping them save time and costs in training new marketing recruits.

*Next course starts 25 Jan 2021

Incubation Stages:




Preparation Work
Master the secrets of Facebook Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Strategic Brand Management. 
Marketers' Challenge
Pitch and implement your plans. This stage is results-driven, with the golden opportunity to execute a digital marketing campaign for a client company.
SMEs Contract Work opportunities
Freelance marketer opportunities are available with AlphaIMM Agency for outstanding performers.


Benefits of joining the Beyond Horizon Project

  • Gain hands-on experience through a practical learning approach using theory-based knowledge for a marketing career.

  • Expand the experiential learning beyond universities.

  • Get career guidance from professional marketing consultants.

  • Gain full and continuous support from our parent agency - AlphaIMM.

  • Connect with professional marketing consultants where they can improve industry access.

Benefits for our Beyond Horizon Project Alumni

  • Receive continual support from our parent agency upon kickstarting their marketing career.

  • Attend specialised training sessions from our marketing specialists for those who want to acquire new skills upon finishing the project.

  • Be a part of our professional network for future job opportunities or project collaborations.

Alumni Testimonials

Project Director

Dr Theresa Teo
Director, MARKCubator, Lecturer, UNSW and UQ
Dr Theresa is an experienced lecturer/tutor in University of New South Wales and Macquarie University for over 15 years. Specialised in business, branding and marketing, Dr Teo has worked with large international brands such as Timberland, Godiva and Stride Rite and marketed a wide range of products.


Why should I choose this project?

Beyond Horizon Project is a business community project. It provides the practical experience needed for graduates to kick-start their marketing career. Under the current state of the employment market, more employers are looking for visual showcases from the candidates as an addition to the resume (Visual showcase serves as a reflection of candidates’ actual work that has been accomplished in the past to demonstrate their project management or related skills). 


How long is the Beyond Horizon Project?

The project runs for  4 months where graduates will work as a freelance marketer in AlphaIMM Agency.


It includes Stage 1 - Intensive preparation; Stage 2 - working as a contractor with a cafe client; and Stage 3 - working as a freelance marketer with SMEs in AlphaIMM Agency.


What are we going to work on?

The graduates will be working on a project for our industry partners. These projects will be subjected to abilities that the graduates can showcase; hence, the roles will be varied. 


If I am still studying, can I do it?

MARKCubator always welcomes students who are keen to gain more marketing skills and enhance employability. Unfortunately, we only accept graduated candidates for our Beyond Horizon Project. We suggest you join our nurturing community at MARKCubator Club to broaden your mindset and knowledge in the marketing industry.

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