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Basic - Professional Experience Acquisition

  • 12Weeks


Traditional route of gaining skills through internships is being challenged or replaced. Internships typically involve students working in a company for a fixed period, where they learn through observation and hands-on experience. However, internships may not always provide the most effective or comprehensive skill training. Instead of relying solely on internships, MARKCubator offers a solution to fast track this skills training with its mentorship program. This program is dedicated to providing practical marketing training through real-life projects, precisely tailored to align with the requirements and expectations of real-world marketing roles within the industry. Stage 1: Professional Work Skills Training The 2-MONTH intensive program is a targeted training program that ensures you gain practical marketing skills before working on real marketing projects. Upon completion of the program, you will be proficient in the following areas: ● Strategic Brand Management ● Digital Marketing ● Social Media Marketing ● Content Marketing ● Event Marketing & Management ● Brand Marketing Stage 2: Professional Experience Acquisition* After the professional work skills training, you will proceed with the 3-MONTH mentorship program. This practicum program allows you to gain professional experience under the mentorship of Dr. Theresa Teo, Founder of MARKCubator through real life marketing projects. It prepares you for marketing roles as an Marketing/Event/Brand Assistant. Your goal is to gather evidence to build your marketing portfolio, showcasing your ability to confidently perform the respective marketing roles. Stage 3: Job Preparation Finally, we offer comprehensive support to prepare you for job applications, focusing on essential job-seeking skills. This includes crafting effective resumes and cover letters, building a professional digital portfolio, and mastering interview techniques. This 7-hour FREE job coaching service is valid 3 months upon course completion.

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