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Bridging Your Aussie Future

Making your future in Australia a reality involves two factors, working in Australia and successfully integrating into Australian culture. 

Designed for international students, this is our solution to bridging your Aussie future through the latest marketing trends and exciting opportunities designed to help you call Australia home and break into the marketing industry.

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August 2021 Issue

October 2021 Issue

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Your source for the latest news in the marketing industry.

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Livestream and E-Commerce: A Total Breakdown with Greg Armshaw from Brightcove


2020 demonstrates the adaptability of the retail sector and their ability to pivot and deliver online solutions to bridge the physical gap with their customers. In Australia alone, the pandemic accelerated online retail growth by 5 times in a matter of months. This has led to changes not only how live stream content is produced but also how it is perceived. Learn more about the benefits and detriments to this channel in this article.

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E-commerce skyrocketed during the pandemic. Now Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat want in

Social Media has gone from being a tool to discover new products to becoming the channel where these products are purchased. After becoming apparent that e-commerce sales were going to reach record highs due to COVID, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and others quickly released several shopping features in a row in a bid to claim their stake in the social commerce market and diversify their revenue streams. Learn more about social media's place in e-commerce and how China first pioneered this approach in this article.

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11 Types of Marketing Specialisations : The Practical Guide

While most graduates begin their careers at entry-level roles, it is natural to wonder what specialisation fits you best as you progress further into your marketing career and begin to specialise. As complex as the marketing industry can be with its different niche areas, don't let that intimidate you. Gain a clearer understanding of each marketing niche and what it entails in this article. 

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Choosing a Marketing Career Path

Should I go into a Marketing Career? If that sounds like you, it's natural for it to be confusing and intimidating when choosing the right career fit for your future.  But don't be afraid because you're not alone. Learn how Vassilena, the writer of this article, was in the same position and found her calling in marketing. Discover what marketing entails and whether it is for you in this article. 

Inspired and ready to take your marketing career to the next level? 

Time For Laughs

We know marketing is hard work, which is exactly why we've created this segment. Give your mind a break. Who knows, you might get inspired!

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Peanut butter...for dogs?

How Babies Are Used to Attract Attention in Ads

How Porsche Leverages Dreams in Ads 

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How to Livestream to Chinese Consumers

Livestreaming is increasingly popular in China, especially when it comes to shopping. Learn how founders of New York-based fashion company and Luxe Inc. use Taobao Live technology to introduce new products from the U.S. and Europe to Chinese consumers in this video. 

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