Domino’s Delivery Driver Turned Marketing Executive in Global Firm

Updated: Aug 2

How Timely Opportunities Helped Chinese International Student Adam Land His Full-time Job


Meet Adam Xie, Marketing Executive at Reed Exhibitions. He is championing all things in Energy and Waste exhibitions and working closely with different teams to proactively suggest, create, monitor, deliver and improve content for RX customers through various platforms. While he successfully landed a full-time job in Australia, it is important to note that it wasn't an easy journey. As a speaker for our event ‘Strategies To Break into Aussie Job Market’, he shared his humble beginnings as an international student from China where he was unsure about his career direction and lacked relevant experience.

As an international student, you may have faced similar challenges like Adam. But this is just the tip of the iceberg for international students. Getting a marketing job in Australia requires not only a clear career direction but also practical marketing and interview skills. This makes it difficult for these students especially since most of them are still unsure of their career direction. They are also new to speaking English and are unfamiliar with the demands of Australian employers. Without guidance, these students struggle to gain the relevant practical skills to land a job after graduation which makes it difficult for them to enter the job market.

Adam’s example shows otherwise. It is possible for international students to get a full-time job if they do the right thing - strategically build their skills along the way before graduation.