MARKCubator Launch Party!

The idea of launching a program focuses on helping international students in Australia has fermented in the mind of Dr Theresa for years. It started off from her own migrant story, where she and her family experienced the struggles of finding stability away from their home country. From there, she understands how disadvantaged international students are when it comes to finding a job in the marketing profession and/or living in Australia permanently.

Her goal was simple; to practically help international students to achieve a breakthrough and better position themselves in the job market. The barriers are significant for them in lacking professional training to acquire the essential marketing skills universities may not be able to equip them. That was how MARKCubator was born.

We kickstart our mission with the Taking Charge the New Normal launch party, which happened last Saturday (17/10/20). We had the honour of welcoming 25 guests and 4 VIP guests which consisted of our industry partners.

Dr Theresa Teo, MARKCubator Director & Founder

The launch party started with an ice breaking game led by our talented emcee Sophia. It was followed by opening speech and insightful talks given by Dr Theresa Teo, on how fresh graduates should change their mindset and perspectives, to craft their own future career pathway under COVID-19. She emphasized the role that MARKCubator is taking to help international students take charge of the new normal, making them the new generation of digital marketers.

MARKCubator Alumni

The stage was then welcomed by a panel of our MARKCubator Alumni, who shared their journeys. Erin, Vy, Monica, Karine and Adam urged the audience to take action now, as being international students themselves, they know that the time we have to settle down in Australia is limited, and every step after graduation needs to be well-calculated. That is why MARKCubator is here to help!