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Opportunity Only Knocks Once, but MARKCubator Creates More For International Students!

Do you know when people support each other, incredible things happen!

On 27th May 2022, MARKCubator’s founder Dr Theresa Teo was honoured to be the master of ceremonies for Women Compassion’s business networking event – “Empowering the Community for a Better Tomorrow” in the Hills Shire Council. This event was designed to inspire collaborations among the business community, government organisations and council to empower women and the young for a better future.

The event was initiated by the founder of Women Compassion, Grecelia Jota. She is passionate about empowering young singers to jumpstart their singing careers while diverting the community’s attention from any illegal activities. This project was well supported by:

  • Dr Michelle Byrne - Emeritus Mayor of The Hills Shire Council

  • Joanna Robinson - CMO of Chatime

  • Monique Peters - Founder of Brainwise Learning

These women played multiple roles as a wife, mothers and career women. Their inspiring talks on how they face life challenges and overcome them sparked their passion in wanting to do their part for the community. It’s exhilarating to see women supporting women and accelerating the community for a better tomorrow. What an unforgettable moment!

As a strong supporter of business community collaboration, Dr Theresa Teo loves to see people connecting with each other and building their businesses to greater heights. This gives her even greater motivation to support more community projects in the future.

As a marketing professional and educator, she is always dedicated to bringing her international students to such meaningful local community and client projects. She believes this would help them build up their networking skills and better integrate into the Australian industry. She took this opportunity to bring along two international students Lisa Cheng and Si Yang as the event volunteers for this business networking event. The event gave them a valuable opportunity to connect and work with industry professionals.

Dr Theresa Teo and MARKCubator understand that starting a new life in a foreign country can be a struggle. We would love to support your dream of living and working in Australia. Let us, MARKCubator, partner with you in your journey to establish your career in Australia!

If you are an international student and would like to explore the Australian job market, we are welcome to book a free consultation with us TODAY!

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