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Internationsl studens, marketing graduates, internship, marketing jobs in Australia

We equip and connect graduates to the marketing industry.

Connect graduates with job opportunities.
Provide a holistic solution for graduates with client projects.

Be Job-ready with MARKCubator

Expand your professional network
Master brand management and digital marketing
Improve English communication and interview skills

Gain the most demanded marketing experience in 2022

With Beyond Horizon Project, you will master  Digital Marketing, Brand Management, and Strategic Marketing.

Upon completion of the first preparation stage, you will take a Marketer's Challenge and execute a digital marketing campaign for a client of AlphaIMM Agency.
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Break into the Australian job market

Career Starter is a series of workshops designed to help international students like you pave your career path, understand the Australian work culture, and prepare you for different types of job interviews. Bringing you one step closer to your next opportunity.
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Integrate into Australian Culture

With Career Prep workshops, you will integrate into Australian culture, and improve your English and public speaking skills to better communicate ideas effectively to your peers, lecturers, tutors, and future colleagues and prospective employers. All done in a nurturing environment with fellow international students.


Career Prep Trial Workshops

In March, we successfully hosted two Career Prep trial workshops for our international students!

Students from all over Sydney met up with us to bond with other international students, learn about Australian culture and how to break into the job market through fun and interactive games. 

Keen to join us next time? Contact us!


What do international students say about us?


MARKCubator's Career Starter workshops helped me become more aware of the different tests and interview processes in Australia. I am now more comfortable expressing my ideas to an interviewer via call, Zoom, video and even in person. Career Starter really helped boost my confidence in handling different interview situations.

Andy Zong

University of Sydney

2nd year postgraduate


Through working at MARKCubator I gained theoretical knowledge of marketing and lots of practical marketing experiences that cannot be gained from university. My English, communication and crisis & relationship management skills also improved a lot and through the industry networking events and coffee chats, I have expanded my network.  I finally found my direction to be a professional marketer in Australia. 


I would say MARKCubator is the best place for you especially as an international student who wants to start his/her career in Australia.

Adam Xie

Reeds Exhibition

Marketing Executive


I found a job in Hungry Panda! The mock interviews we did in  MARKCubator Career Starter workshops helped me a lot in the real job interview. Three interview questions they asked me were exactly the same questions that we practised during the workshop. Career Starter gave me a good start and I appreciate it!

Catherine Dong

Macquarie University

2nd year undergraduate

What does the industry say about our founder?

Alex Park, CRM & Lifecycle Marketing Manager
Channel 9

"As a student, we were hungry to hear and see real examples not readily available on websites and textbooks and she brought this to elevate our learning experience. She brought in industry speakers and incorporated real company case studies to assignments to meet the needs of aspiring marketers.

As a mentor, she gave me undivided attention, unconditional love, and stretched my talent by challenging me and other students (especially those who took her advice seriously) to think, act creatively, take initiative, and be open-minded to opportunities around our lives."

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 3.35.01 pm.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 12.42.48

"Theresa has always been my favourite university lecturer of all time. I had the honour to be taught by her over 3 courses 2 semesters! She has the wealth of knowledge in Marketing, branding and consumer behaviour. Upon graduating, she gave me the best career advice on my direction and without her, my path would not have been the same. Years after graduation, Theresa has also been my business mentor, guiding Vivify for its branding image and brand positioning. Theresa has been an incredible life teacher for me with her tremendous wealth of knowledge in marketing. I highly recommend her and her business as a key source of education for this ever-evolving market."

Edwina Huang, Director
Vivify Textiles

Our Awards

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