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Courses and Our Students' Projects

With MARKCubator, students will have a chance to propose their ideas and run their projects to gain and enhance their marketing skills.

Get your first job
Achieve Your Marketing Dream

Professional Marketer
Mentorship Program

The workshops include a digital marketing and event management program, designed to give you practical skills in brand management. After giving your theoretical knowledge in the first month, you will work on promoting a product for a company to raise the brand awareness and complete the following:

  • Create brand awareness for a company.

  • Increase online & offline customer engagement on the company and its partners' social media platform.

  • Market and run a face-to-face event for a company.

Skills acquire:

  • Brand marketing and management

  • Digital Marketing

    • Email Marketing

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Content Marketing

    • Event Marketing

  • Event Management

Empower Your Growth: What Our Structured Professional Marketer Program Offers

Unlike traditional internships where your learning path is often predefined, MARKCubator's structured internship puts you in the driver's seat of your learning journey. Here, you have the autonomy to propose and implement your own projects, allowing you to acquire the specific skills you desire and learn exactly what you're passionate about. Take a look at some of the exciting projects our students have spearheaded.

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Our Former Participants' Journey

Yin Mei's Diary

As a fresh university graduate, Yin Mei was unsure about how to kickstart her marketing career. She struggled to find a job because she lacked the skills and experience. Let's look at Yin Mei's journey with Beyond Horizon Project!

Darren's Diary

After working in the industry for two years, Darren felt he lacked practical marketing experience. He also struggled in working with his colleagues. Let’s look at Darren's struggles and how he has learnt throughout working with Beyond Horizon Project!

Vy's Testimonial
Monica's Testimonial
Erin's Testimonial

Shining Examples of MARKCubator's Impact

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