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Industry Partnership

Combining creativity, skills and media to drive sustainable growth for your brand!

MARKCubator Agency is a platform to bridge our student interns to potential employers and industry partners which are looking for new talents.This partnership with industries aims to breed a new generation of digital marketers.

How your business can benefit from this program


Fresh perspectives in approaching your social media and brand strategy.


Be directly linked to skilled trainee marketers and drive growth to your brand.


Minimise the pain in wrong hiring and educating new interns for months.


Relatively more affordable than hiring fresh graduates.


Projects are supervised and guided by AlphaIMM marketing professionals.


What kind of projects I, as a client, can enquire on the MARKCubator Agency?

Anything related to Social Media Marketing and Brand Strategy. Our trainee marketers can help with content creation, posters, social media advertising and working out new strategies to reach sustainable growth for your brand.


How can I join?

Easily click on the Get Started button and fill in the form! Our upport team will help with any queries you might have in the application process.


How much is the cost of using this platform?

You can email us at for further details regarding fees and the whole program.

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