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Professional Skills & Experience Acquisition (Master Level)

  • 32Weeks


The traditional route of gaining skills through internships is being challenged. Internships, which involve students working in a company for a set period, may not always offer effective or comprehensive training. Instead, MARKCubator offers an 8-month mentorship program that fast-tracks skill development with practical marketing training through real-life projects, tailored to meet industry expectations. Stage 1: Professional Work Skills Training The 2-MONTH intensive program is a targeted training program that ensures you gain practical marketing skills before working on real marketing projects. Upon completion of the program, you will be proficient in the following areas: ● Strategic Brand Management ● Digital Marketing ● Social Media Marketing ● Content Marketing ● Event Marketing & Management ● Brand Marketing Stage 2: Professional Experience Acquisition After the professional work skills training, you will proceed with the 6-MONTH mentorship program. This practicum program allows you to gain professional experience under the mentorship of Dr. Theresa Teo, through real life marketing projects. It prepares you for marketing roles as an Marketing/Event/Brand COORDINATOR or EXECUTIVE* . Your goal is to gather evidence to build your marketing portfolio, showcasing your ability to confidently perform the respective marketing roles. Stage 3: Job Preparation We provide comprehensive support for job applications, focusing on essential skills like crafting effective resumes, cover letters, building digital portfolios, and mastering interview techniques. This 7-hour FREE job coaching service is available for 3 months after course completion. *Disclaimer: Subject to performance during the program.

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