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The Australian Marketing Talent Competition

Win a chance to work with a real client! 


Australia Marketing Talent Competition is discovering hidden talents and preparing graduates for the marketing industry! Are you looking for a Marketing job, but all the recruiters need local experience, which you cannot fulfil? Do you need a chance to prove your abilities? 

Australia Marketing Talent (AMT) Competition 2021 is the solution for you!  Join this competition to gain practical experience and meet marketing professionals in the industry.  It means that you are one step closer to your dream job.


Why is there a gap in the industry? 

Although many marketing graduates are leaving the university, the industry laments that Australia lacks digital marketing talent. As a connection between Marketing Students and industry, MARKCubator wants to take this challenge to discover Australia's digital marketing talent, prepare them for the Marketing industry through Beyond Horizon Project. We believe this is the chance for you to show your skill, gain experience, especially in digital marketing.


Who should join?

Final-year student and have a passion for the Marketing Industry. You may register as an individual or form a group of 2 with your friend. 


Why join?

All participants will get a certificate of participation. You will be invited to the finals and networking event with industry professionals.


The winners will have :

  • Get a chance to work with a real client. Gain practical marketing experience to enhance your employability.  

  • Help small businesses digitalise their marketing activities.

  • Guided by marketing experts.


Prize for winners

Following prizes are MARKCubator Vouchers, redeemable for Beyond Horizon Project (BHP) fees immediately upon graduation, valid for 12 months. Conditions apply. 

- 1st prize: value at $3500, 

- 2nd prize: value at $2500, 

- 3rd prize: value at $1500.


To all international students:

If you plan to reside in Australia after graduation, win this golden opportunity to gain local practical marketing experience and achieve your Aussie marketing career dream.

For more information, register for the Briefing Day Event on 27 Mar 2021!

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