Having the Right Skills: A Key to Landing a Full-time Marketing Job

A non-marketing with no experience international student successfully became a professional Content Creator


Can you find a job without experience? As you search on job-seeking websites, you probably find plenty of opening positions (which require little or no experience) for you to apply. For example, Delivery Boy/Girl, Christmas Casual Sales Assistant, Data Entry Operator, Supermarket Assistant, etc.

As a university graduate, do these jobs help you pursue your marketing career in Australia? Unlikely. You need to get an entry-level job to acquire and accumulate marketing hard skills and eventually achieve a higher position. But when most entry-level jobs (even internships) require a minimum of two years of experience, landing a full-time job can sometimes be even more challenging than reaching the sky.

In this article, let us, MARKCubator, lead you to explore the logic behind the experience, and how you can compensate for a lack of experience. We will also show you a proven case of how an inexperienced non-marketing international student who has successfully landed her first full-time marketing job in Australia.

A Successful Story

Skill set 1: Have an overall understanding of how marketing works from planning to execution

Skill set 2: Further develop marketing hard skills

Skill set 3: Refine your soft skills

Experience is just a number

A Successful Story

During MARKCubator’s October Meetup, we invited MARKCubator’s former team member, Yin Mei Teo, to share her past career journey with other international students.

As a non-marketing international student, YinMei decided to pursue her marketing career in Australia after graduation. Although she volunteered for many university activities and attended marketing internships, she repeatedly hit a wall when she was applying for marketing jobs. YinMei realised that the marketing experience she had accumulated before was only some scratches. She neither had an in-depth understanding of how marketing works from planning to execution nor the hottest marketing skills (like digital marketing, event management, email marketing, content creation, SEO, website management, etc.).