The Together Project Launch Party

For the past several months, the Together Project’s core partners - Hope Mission Centre, MARKCubator and jonogee Studio have been brainstorming and planning on how to help international students residing in Australia. Consisting mostly of migrants, our community members have had past personal experiences on how hard it had been for them to adjust to the Aussie lifestyle. That was how the Together Project was born.

We kickstart our Together Program with a launch party, which happened last Saturday (15/8/20).  Our team at the Together Project had the honour to welcome 19 students in the party. We are surprised with the enthusiasm of our international guests and had a great time getting to know each one of them.

Hope Mission Centre

As one of our core partners, Hope Mission Centre generously provides the workshop  for the next four months. The launch party started with an opening speech from Pastor Dr David Gunawan, as General Manager of Hope Mission Centre. He explained that his parents were once migrants too, in which they had experiences in facing the struggles that international students are facing right now. 


The microphone was then welcomed by Dr Theresa Teo, the founder of MARKCubator, which is another core partner of the Together Program. She shared her passion in helping international students, and explained how our community could help our guests settle down and adapt to the Aussie lifestyle. Being a migrant herself, she had her fair share of discrimination and lack of social interaction in her early days. With God’s help, she was introduced to this community and slowly built her dream life in Australia. Although the audience did not say a word, we could see them secretly agreeing from their facial expression and body languages.

jonogee Studio