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MARKCubator's first ever Networking Event for students!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

“A Date with Facebook and Business Insiders” is held on 12th December 2020. The event marked the end of Together Project season 1.

It’s the first time for MARKCubator to be a part of hosting a professional networking event for students! We are honoured to have industry experts from various fields and companies: Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, American Express and Heyya TV. Students attendees had an opportunity to closely mingle with the industry experts.

Here our student's feedback!

“Thanks for giving me this chance to meet these big industry professionals where I can keep in touch with them and further got different opportunities to network and connect with them in different social media platforms.”

“It’s totally different from the other networking event that I have been through. The event is well-organised and gave me a close connection to the guests”

“The industry networking was really interesting. All of the guests are very warm and welcome”

“It was great that we bonded well with the guests, other attendees that coming to the event, and the organisation itself.”

The MARKCubator team, as international students, deeply understand how international students struggle to pursue a career in Australia. The aim of the event is to provide an opportunity to meet industry professionals and build connections. With industry networking events, we believe networking can pave the way to your career success!



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