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Secrets to Securing Your First Marketing Job (Simple & Proven Strategy)

Table of Contents:

Challenges Faced by International Students in Securing a Job in Australia

Do you ever feel like you're trudging up a steep hill with a heavy backpack strapped to your shoulders? That's precisely how I've been feeling as an international student trying to land a marketing job here in Australia. Every step I take feels like a battle. The backpack symbolizes my challenges—my limited local work experience, my unfamiliarity with the Australian job market, and the daunting prospect of navigating through interviews, while the steep hill represents the highly competitive job market. 

With every rejection email or unanswered application, it's hard not to feel discouraged. It's like taking one step forward and two steps back, wondering if I'll ever reach the summit of success. It appears that many international students encounter similar challenges to mine; perhaps, one survey revealed that only 36% of international graduates secured full-time employment after completing their studies.

On a seemingly mundane day at university, attending a marketing tutorial like any other, something unexpected happened. Little did I know, that single tutorial would become a turning point in my career journey, offering me insights and guidance I desperately needed, particularly in the context of international student internship in marketing Australia. It was as if a light had been switched on in the midst of darkness. I found myself feeling less alone in the uphill climb towards securing a marketing job in Sydney. For the first time, it felt like there was someone who understood the challenges I faced as an international student and was willing to lend a helping hand. That someone was Dr. Theresa Teo.

Recruiters' Insights: The Secrets to What They Really Want

For over a year, I've been advised on the importance of honing my soft skills. Societies, volunteering, case competitions - they all seemed like prerequisites for landing a job. But amidst all the recommendations, Dr. Teo provided invaluable insights into the ever-evolving expectations of recruiters in the marketing industry. 

In the post-covid landscape, students are now expected to already possess essential soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, interpersonal skills. Therefore, as a differentiating criterion, recruiters are increasingly looking for candidates who also demonstrate proficiency in hard skills. Students interviewed by Dr. Teo have reported instances where interviewers have posed challenges during the interview, such as creating Instagram posts, or devising event concepts on the spot. In essence, recruiters are seeking candidates who are ‘job ready’ - equipped with both soft and hard skills (e.g. digital marketing, social media marketing, content writing) to transition into the workforce. Especially for international students, it’s crucial to have the necessary hard skills to stand out among other candidates. 

The impact of this shift hit close to home when I witnessed many international friends, despite their active participation in societies and volunteering, and commendable grades, struggle to secure internships, let alone a full-time job due to a lack of relevant hard skills.

You might wonder, why the sudden change? Was all that advice about soft skills merely a myth? The truth is, the landscape of the job market has undergone a massive shift, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are amidst a digital transformation, and as a result, their demands from potential employees have evolved. Gone are the days when companies were willing to invest time and resources into training interns. Consider it from a business owner's perspective. If given the choice between two candidates, one with relevant skills and the other needing training, which would you choose? 

Therefore, as an international student facing the reality that employers are often unwilling to train interns, and hearing friends complain about being assigned mundane tasks during their internships, how can we acquire relevant practical marketing skills and experience to secure at least an internship, let alone a full-time job? Does that mean students have no control over what they want to learn? Isn’t it frustrating if that’s the case?

Quick and Proven Strategies to Land Your First Marketing Job

Dr. Teo, however, offered a solution through her mentorship program. Unlike traditional internships where your learning path is often predefined, MARKCubator offers a way to fast track skills training with its mentorship program. MARKCubator's structured practical marketer program puts you in the driver's seat of your learning journey. Here, you have the autonomy to propose and implement your own projects, allowing you to acquire the specific skills you desire and learn exactly what you're passionate about. This program is dedicated to providing practical marketing training through real-life projects, precisely tailored to align with the requirements and expectations of real-world marketing roles within the industry.

"Why would you invest in additional education when you've already completed university?" some might ask. Well, let me tell you, while I do hold a marketing degree, let’s be real, who can remember all the content? This program extracts the essence from university teachings, covering Strategic Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Event Management & Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, and provides me with real-job experience. This allows me to showcase real-life projects I’ve worked on in my marketing portfolio, thus maintaining my relevance in today’s job market.

Through this program, I aim to position myself for roles like Marketing Coordinator or Executive. Moreover, the program's structure allows me to explore various facets of marketing, which broadens my skill set and enhances my adaptability, making me a more competitive candidate for a diverse range of marketing positions. The best news of all is that the cost of this program is half of what a single university course would cost for an international student. Thanks to Dr. Teo's passion for helping students succeed over profits.

Through her proven mentorship program, many other international students, including a significant number from non-marketing backgrounds such as psychology, science, and media degrees, have successfully landed jobs in various industries within the marketing field. To name a few, graduates from Dr. Teo’s program have secured positions in FMCG, events, and agencies.

With Dr Teo’s guidance, we developed the “Professional Marketer Program”. This program is structured into 3 stages: 

  • In Stage 1, the Professional Work Skills Training, students will learn the things I learned over a 2-month period.

  • In Stage 2, the Professional Experience Acquisition, students will be linked with local companies for a 3-6-month project. This hands-on experience hones their practical skills in real-world settings while enriching their marketing portfolio. 

  • In Stage 3, Dr. Teo will personally mentor students through resume building, crafting personal digital portfolio, cover letter writing, and refining interview techniques. 

Picture the impact of investing less than 6-8 months in this program and emerging as a standout candidate in the competitive job market

Looking back, I’ve come to appreciate the value of time and the significance of seizing opportunities as they arise. Had I embarked on this program sooner, I might have already secured a full-time position. To those in a similar position, ask yourself, “Is time running out?”. If you’re an international student with a limited 485 visa, planning to graduate, or already graduated, don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation with MARKCubator at +61450131572. Or book an appointment through Let us guide you in securing a job. 

Invest in yourself to gain practical skills and professional experience. While I’ve always been drawn to instant results, I’ve learned to navigate the frustrations that arise when progress feels slow. I can never forget Dr. Teo’s words during these moments: “Skills take time to build. Under baked cakes never taste good!”

Author: Clarissa Winata

Date Published: 15 May 2024



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