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A message from our Founder

For nearly 15 years, I have had the privilege to be actively involved in the Australian International student community, both professionally and personally — from my roles as a tutor and lecturer to creating MARKCubator. 2 weeks ago, I learnt that my business was nominated for a-  “Best New Business” award. I was even more delighted to see that I was nominated for the Businesswoman of the Year award too. Receiving news that I was nominated AND a finalist for both awards has truly moved me and strengthened my resolve in MARKCubator. 


Since COVID in 2020, I have dedicated myself to assisting international students in their journey to migrate to Australia. Seeing their determination and perseverance while overcoming cultural, professional and language differences reminded me of a similar journey I took 15 years ago when I first moved here. While some succeed in achieving their goal, many unfortunately fall short. This can be due to different reasons ranging from poor English skills to a lack of local opportunities. 


Witnessing this struggle is exactly why I started MARKCubator - to help international students overcome these hurdles. Through research, my experience with international students, and insights from industry professionals, my team and I at MARKCubator created programs specifically designed to support and pave the career pathways of international students from the start of university to graduation. These programs range from workshops to help non-English speaking students integrate into Australian society by practising their English with their peers in practical settings, to a marketing contractor project designed to help graduates land their first marketing job by planning and implementing a REAL marketing campaign for a REAL client. Ultimately, we aim to help international students break into the marketing industry upon graduation by equipping them with English fluency and employer-sought marketing skills and experience.


I am immensely grateful that in the last 2 years with MARKCubator, we have been able to give the international student community a place to learn new skills but also a platform to improve their English and practice these newly acquired skills. 


If you resonate with our mission for international students, vote for us! With your vote, we can continue to spread our message and continue helping other international students overcome their obstacles. Click Vote Now below, remember to fill in twice if voting for both awards. 


Finally, if you’re an international student who needs help in getting their first job or needs a headstart in your career in Australia, contact us here! We would love to make your marketing career in Australia a reality.

- Dr. Theresa Teo (Founder and Director of MARKCubator)

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