An Insecure International Student turned Marketing Coordinator in a Global Company

How guidance boosted Karine’s confidence in landing a Full-time marketing job


“Time doesn’t wait for you. I sense an urgency to advance myself as early as possible, not only in my study but also gain more experience to pursue my dream as a marketer. I need to take the move now.“

Learn how this former MARKCubator’s student landed her full-time Marketing role by implementing these strategies.

Being an international student is never easy, especially when you are pursuing marketing as your career in such a competitive market in Australia. But it is possible if YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Driven by a passion for Marketing, Karine Lo, an international student has successfully landed her first job as an INCA Coordinator (Influencer Marketing Agency) at the global company GroupM. She works closely with creative media agencies within GroupM to deliver the best brand-safe influencer and content marketing campaigns for clients including Doordash, Bumble, and Kimberly Clark.

As a representative of a big international students cohort, Karine was the guest speaker at MARKCubator’s ‘Strategies To Break Into The Aussie Job Market’ event. She shared her unique tips on how she discovered her strengths and successfully gained her dream job in Australia, despite having a lack of confidence in spoken English and zero working experience!

Karine overcame her strong sense of insecurity and lack of self-confidence in her spoken English by putting these 3 strategies into practice:

Strategy 1: Trial and Error with Right Guidance is Key To Grow Professionally

Karine used to be extremely insecure and didn’t believe in herself. How did she pull through and make it to today’s success?

With the lack of confidence and limitation in English speaking skills, she knew she had to overcome her weaknesses. She highlighted that having the right mentor Dr Theresa Teo has helped her immensely in accomplishing her career as well as personal goals in Australia.

To bring a self-change, Karine decided to join a professional skills program offered by MARKCubator. This program helped her to develop her practical skills in Marketing including Event Planning and Management, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, and Website and Social Media Management. This nurturing environment gave her the opportunity to create a website, brochures and design social media posts. She also got a chance to take charge of an event as an Event Coordinator in MARKCubator’s Industry Networking Event in 2021.