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An Exclusive networking time with Revlon, Facebook, Nescafe, George Institute and jonogee!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

MARKCubator is proud to be a part of the Together Project to hold “Insights to Job Hunting: An Exclusive Networking Event for International Students” on 19th June 2021. The event marked the end of Together Project season 2.

This is the second time MARKCubator hosted an industry networking event for students! We gathered industry professionals from a wide range of specialised fields, from Revlon and Nescafe Brand Manager, Facebook Data Scientist, HR Consultant, to Production Studio Founder.

The event started with an opening speech by the pastor and evangelist of Hope Mission Centre and the founder of jonogee studio, Jonathan Gunawan. It was followed by an insightful talk given by an experienced HR Consultant at The George Institute for Global Health, Angelie Costelo, on how the employment market has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic and tips on how international students can prepare themselves to stand out from the crowd.

Dr Theresa Teo, the founder of MARKCubator said, “As a graduate looking for a marketing job, you should be considering how to create value for your hiring manager. In 2021, I have started a Holistic Approach to Get Your Marketing Job. Personal branding, Practical Skills and Connection With the Industry are the keys to achieve the goal. In January 2021, I have kickstarted the Beyond Horizon Project, a program that equips graduates with necessary skills for an entry-level marketing job.”

The stage was welcomed by two alumni of Beyond Horizon Project, who shared their journey with MARKCubator.

Yin Mei said, “The Project is something beyond internships and university projects because it requires streamlining with clients and the actual implementation stage. I think Beyond Horizon Project contains more relevant experience than any internship that I have done before. We have learnt to run a marketing campaign from scratch, from brainstorming, planning, implementing, to managing the campaign. It’s tough, but I’m glad to have Dr Theresa guiding us in every step.” (see Yin Mei's journey with Beyond Horizon Project)

Before the sharing ends, Darren urged the international students to start planning ahead of time if they want to pursue a career in Australia. (see Darren's journey with Beyond Horizon Project)

The event ended with the most exciting highlight: Speed Dating! Student attendees had a chance to closely mingle with the industry professionals from Revlon, Facebook, Nescafe, The George Institute for Global Health and jonogee studio.

“The speed dating part is pretty helpful!”

“I love the event where I can connect with the industry professionals as a student”

“The experience of the professionals really helped me understand about the local market”

The MARKCubator team, as international students, deeply understand how international students struggle to pursue a career in Australia. The aim of the event is to provide an opportunity to meet industry professionals and build connections. With industry networking events, we believe networking can pave the way to your career success!

If you miss this event, don’t worry because we have more exciting networking events coming up! Stay tuned and follow us on Linkedin.


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