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The ultimate guide for international students to successfully network with industry professionals

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

An Exclusive Industry Networking Event for International Students 2022


Networking is an essential skill for students to gain industry connections and referrals for jobs. While many university students, even newcomers who have just entered the workplace know its importance, many face difficulties in initiating the conversation during professional networking events.

As a student, starting a conversation with professionals is sometimes hard. Most industry professionals do not have the patience to chat with you about the weather today or know how your day is going if you are not 'useful' to them. This can be very intimidating for a newbie in networking. As a result, you struggle to establish connections with the professionals or shun away from all industry networking events. You are not alone.

When you meet a professional for the first time, how do you successfully start a conversation with a stranger? Well, there is no shortcut. You need to take the first step. Here are step-by-step instructions for you to gradually expand your network in an efficient way.

Step 1: Be bold to engage with the professionals

Expanding network with another person starts by saying “hi”. Think about the following two opening statements:

“Hi, I’m Adrian. I’m a marketing student from Macquarie University.”

“Hi, I’m Adrian, I’m passionate about the marketing world. I’m always curious about how companies implement their marketing strategies to attract customers. So I’m currently studying marketing at Macquarie University. I hope one day, I can apply my marketing knowledge to a company.”

Which statement sounds attractive and motivates you to continue chatting with Adrian? You probably will pick the second one. That’s right! Adrian’s second opening states his passion and value proposition, and gives you more information to throw the ball back - expand the conversation.

Confidence is the key. You need to prepare a captivating opening statement and be confident to speak to professionals. But it is easier said than done. With hundreds of opening scripts in your head, how do you present yourself confidently? Perhaps as an international student, you find it hard to communicate effectively in English. Now, you need a place to practice your conversation.

Step 2: Find an organisation that builds students’ networking skills

Many institutes (like universities) provide networking events for students. But sometimes, it can be quite difficult to have a proper conversation with these professionals especially when most networking sessions involve a huge number of students and only one or two industry professionals.

MARKCubator understands you. We run intimate networking events specialised for international students and select industry professionals who are keen to help students. This June, we have the privilege to invite 5 industry professionals from the marketing industry to be our speakers.

Step 3: Seek out their motivation for running events to help students

Helping international students to get ready for marketing jobs is MARKCubator’s ultimate goal. We equip students in getting marketing hard skills, enhance their English communication and interview skills, and connect them to the marketing industry. Seeing so much positive feedback from our attendees motivates us to hold such networking events annually.

Step 4: Gain insights from their past events if you missed them

If you missed our industry networking event this year, do not worry. Here are some tips that you can take away on how to get your dream job:

🌟Lack of confidence may block you from your dream job, but never hesitate to communicate with as many people as possible.

🌟Hard skills in digital marketing are important, but having a teachable spirit is also critical. Show your ability and willingness to learn for your dream company.

🌟While you are studying, obtaining certificates adds value to your resume (such as Google Academy for ads and Google Digital Garage).

🌟When applying for a job, DO NOT just simply click the ‘apply’ button. In your cover letter, relating your personal connections to the company/brand would make you more authentic. Knowing the company’s products and competitors would let you stand out from the crowd. Be curious about their consumers and able to turn the insights into tangible actions. Also, you must understand the company’s vision. Think about what you can do to revitalise and mortise the company.

🌟 Marketing is all about understanding people’s interactions and buying behaviour.

🌟Allow yourselves to try different jobs and discover your passion and the things you love to do.

🌟Be proud of being an international student. Show your diversity and bring cross-cultural knowledge to your company.

To avoid missing any such event, join our MARKCubator LinkedIn community to get future updates of our events!

Step 5: Still confused? Further help needed?

Would you like to have a nurturing environment to improve your networking skills? Join our upcoming meetup session in September.

Or perhaps you are passionate about marketing and wonder how to enter the Australian job market, MARKCubator, Your Aussie Partner, is here to help you. We love to build and connect you to the industry, getting you ready for your dream job in the Australian marketing industry.

If you are an international student and confused about your career path, you are welcome to book a free consultation with us TODAY!


Starting from September 2022, we are launching a monthly student networking event on the 1st Friday of the month at 3 pm. Join our community to improve your skills in networking and gain confidence in English speaking. This platform is especially for anyone who has a passion in Marketing and wishes to have an in-depth understanding of the Australian job market and how to get their marketing dream job. Look out for our upcoming announcements!

Join our MARKCubator LinkedIn community NOW!

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